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AXA LM has made the strategic decision to have its employees manage the entire legacy business value chain. Combined with its consistently proactive management, this unique expertise empowers AXA LM to act with agility while maintaining its entrepreneurial spirit.

Two strategic objectives

Our strategy serves two key objectives, which together form a virtuous circle.

On one side, acquisitions. We acquire legacy business portfolios in the key reinsurance markets (Continental Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States). We use our own teams to rapidly assess the merits and feasibility of the deal (including regulatory approval).

On the other side, accelerating finality. This means reducing the volume of our business under management and freeing up locked-in capital. By reducing our exposure to risk, we fully extract value from the portfolios we manage.


Proactive management by experts

Backed by a strong entrepreneurial culture, we have developed our unique in-house expertise, which enables us to act with agility, deploying the full set of skills required to deliver value. Our teams handle the entire legacy business value chain: starting with defining the appropriate business plan for portfolios integration, encompassing financial management (from capital to asset liabilities management) and reinsurance operations.


In addition to end-to-end management of the legacy business value chain, we are proactive in our approach, which is based on six drivers.