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Actuary, corporate finance analyst, risk manager... These are just a few of the roles you can find at AXA LM.


Role: Actuaries analyse the risks associated with our reinsurance portfolios in order to assess the reserves required to manage them and price commutations* or acquisitions of new portfolios.
* See Commutations Manager role.

Who they work with: Finance teams and Operational teams, the AXA Group Risk Management Department, and more.

Where they work: Paris (France)

In their own words: “The main challenge for an actuary at AXA LM is to analyse the risks that we manage in the most accurate way, by combining the portfolio’s incurred loss (paid claims and change in loss reserves) with qualitative data (any underlying claims and market news). How did the loss occur? Will new claims arise? The maths isn’t everything. It’s the way we interpret it that allows us to calculate our liquidity reserve requirements.” Laure, Actuarial department, AXA Liabilities Managers Paris


Role: Risk Managers anticipate the risk of financial or operational losses due to climate, socioeconomic or sociodemographic events and how they will impact our managed portfolios. They calculate solvency capital requirements for AXA LM-owned portfolios and ensure compliance with regulations for this calculation, among other tasks.

Who they work with: Primarily finance teams (e.g. Actuary, Corporate Finance) and operational teams, IT teams, AXA Group Risk Management Department, in liaison with all the teams.

Where they work: Paris (France) and Winterthur (Switzerland).

In their own words: “At AXA LM, this discipline has become more developed in response to Solvency II. The directive has encouraged us to identify, monitor and manage risks related to a constantly changing environment. At AXA LM, my role is to coordinate this risk internationally so as to understand all its aspects. Sometimes I manage or measure certain portfolio risks myself. We are increasingly required to assess risks and explain our methodology to various authorities. This position requires a certain agility, and we need to analyse all types of information in order to warn teams in time of any losses to come.” Vincent, Risk Management, AXA Liabilities Managers Paris


Role: Claims Managers are in charge of claims handling for all portfolios under the responsibility of AXA LM. They ensure that claims are correctly evaluated and efficiently processed and also take charge of claims-related communication to all relevant stakeholders and entities.

Who they work with: Cedants and brokers, as well as internal stakeholders such as the Actuarial, Commutations and Reinsurance Accounting teams.

Where they work: Brussels (Belgium), Winterthur (Switzerland), Ipswich (United Kingdom), New York (United States).

In their own words: “Working as a claims manager at AXA LM is a challenging and versatile job. In an international environment, dealing with claims from different portfolios and lines of business requires a lot of flexibility and wide-ranging knowledge of the various insurance markets and their particularities. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can manage claims effectively and proactively, thereby playing an important role in accelerating finality.” Helen, Claims, AXA Liabilities Managers Switzerland


Role: The members of the Corporate Finance team are experts in the financial management of reinsurance portfolios and fund management activity. They provide pricing indications for acquisitions to be made by AXA LM’s investment fund and monitor the performance of past acquisitions and the fund.

Who they work with: Finance, commutations, actuaries and legal teams within AXA LM entities, AXA Investment Managers, and AXA Group Corporate Finance Department

Where they work: Paris (France)

In their own words: “AXA LM counts on us to optimise our portfolios’ return on equity while minimising risks such as liquidity, market volatility, and foreign exchange risks. We need to be able to model and predict all aspects of insurance portfolio management, so that the best price can be determined. To succeed in corporate finance, necessary skills include being proactive, results-driven, attentive to detail and able to handle different issues simultaneously. It is particularly vital that we demonstrate an ability to concisely present complex issues so that the best decisions can be taken.” Dominique, Corporate Finance, AXA Liabilities Managers Paris


Role: Commutations negotiators negotiate directly with cedents to obtain the best terms for the final purchase of reinsurance commitments and protect AXA LM from future uncertainty.

Who they work with: Reinsurers, cedents, international market brokers, run-off managers, claims managers, accountants and finance directors, but also internal stakeholders such as actuaries, transnational claims managers, ledger management teams and technical operational teams.

Where they work: Paris (France), Winterthur (Switzerland), Ipswich (UK), New York (USA)

In their own words: “To be successful, we rely on the expertise and knowledge that exists throughout AXA LM, which means working with the majority of teams across our organisation on any of the portfolios that AXA LM manages worldwide, which I find very satisfying. Once all the necessary information has been shared with the company you plan to commute with, face-to-face negotiations can start with the objective of finding an acceptable outcome for both parties. Building relationships and managing expectations are some of the biggest challenges for this key role to AXA LM’s business model.” Mike, Commutations, AXA Liabilities Managers UK


Role: The Business Development team brings new business to AXA LM by identifying potential targets, initiating contact, conducting due diligence and carrying out acquisitions.

Who they work with: Investors, AXA LM Corporate Finance, Actuarial and Operational teams and AXA LM Executive Committee.

Where they work: Paris (France). The team travels abroad on a frequent basis

In their own words: “Business Development is a dynamic, autonomous and proactive team. My daily work includes the coordination of the different M&A deals, the client relationship as well as project related ad-hoc tasks. At the same time, our due diligence work and successful acquisitions are directly linked to an effective collaboration and exchange with the different experts all across the company. This makes this role very interesting, versatile and keeps you on your toes – both a challenge as well as something I highly enjoy.” Michael, Business Development, AXA Liabilities Managers