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The people that work in our teams at AXA LM are not only selected for their high levels of expertise but also for their attitudes and behaviors. At AXA LM, we believe that we have a unique mindset that sets us apart from other industry players. This mindset forms the basis of our company culture: PRO, which stands for Performance, Respect and One.


We expect individuals to stretch themselves and contribute actively to the company targets. As AXA LM is a medium sized company, individuals quickly see that they are directly responsible for the outcomes and results, drawing on their ability to act as entrepreneurs. For example, when making acquisitions, our Corporate Finance team will be involved from the initial phases where interaction with key due diligence staff is essential to success, right through to the follow up of the acquisition performance.
This responsibility is notable in our approach to management where promising individuals are given important responsibility at an early stage in their careers.


AXA LM is made up of many different nationalities, from different functional backgrounds; how we work together is critical to our success. Without a solid respect of each other’s expertise and culture, we would not be able to leverage our international platform and optimize the way we manage our portfolios.
At AXA LM, people can speak up and know that their contribution will be recognized at all levels of the organization.


Even though we are spread across a number of countries, we work as a single team, with a strongly co-operative mind set. Projects inevitably involve multiple nationalities as we will take the best people for the project regardless of where they are based to ensure the best results. Our teams are expected to work for AXA LM as a whole, leaving behind their local issues, thereby generating a dynamic, diverse and collaborative work environment.

At AXA LM we are always looking for people who are ready to challenge themselves, are entrepreneurial, have a sense of responsibility and are open minded.